Afriphobia in a Zionist and anti-Semitic feminist context — feminist review

BY MARLENE ELLIS This contribution is part of the FR Blog collection Antisemitism, Anti-racism and Zionism: Old Debates, Contemporary Contestations. My response to the important intervention made by Nira Yuval-Davis in her 1984 Spare Rib article ‘Zionism, antisemitism and the struggle against racism: some reflections on a current painful debate among feminists’ (1984), is to […]Continue reading “Afriphobia in a Zionist and anti-Semitic feminist context — feminist review”

Bisexual Identity

Bisexual identity. I genuinely support the questioning of a legitimate ‘community’ and ‘identity’. Still, in relation to my race and gender, I am unable to dismantle my historical and social connections with quite the vigour that others perhaps could. Yes, ‘identity’ is a social construction in which so much is framed including Black, Women, Bisexual.Continue reading “Bisexual Identity”

The Telegraph and Black Women

  The Telegraph has excelled itself in this undermining of Black Women with yet another attempt to discredit Jeremy Corbyn. This rather desperate non-story has over-relied upon the black female body by inviting the reader to conjure- up the image of Diane Abbott in bed. The tenuous justification for this relates to a 30-year oldContinue reading “The Telegraph and Black Women”