Eastenders and the Black Lesbian ‘Tosh’

I am interested in the representation of race, gender and sexuality in the London soap Eastenders concerning the relatively new lesbian story involving a black (or/and mixed-race) woman called Tosh (played by Fiona Mackintosh) and a white woman, Tina (played by Luisa Bradshaw-white). Tina is the younger sister of the wonderful Shirley Carter as wellContinue reading “Eastenders and the Black Lesbian ‘Tosh’”

Hate but don’t rape: A protocol on rape in war

How wonderful it has been to see a public attack on rape as lead by Angelina Jolie and Foreign Secretary William Hague. The context was rape and its use as a weapon of war. The 10th June 2014 saw the first of its kind, a world summit to highlight the utter abuse of women inContinue reading “Hate but don’t rape: A protocol on rape in war”

There is no Black Spirituality without White politics

The one thing that we have had in forging our survival has been the strength of our spirituality – a sort of collective black spiritual power. Except, I do not mean collective power in the literal sense. Stuart Hall would have said that such a notion is false but gives us a kind of mythicalContinue reading “There is no Black Spirituality without White politics”