Fallen Judge Constance Briscoe – What are we to learn?

There is without question, some tensions involved in reconciling the downfall of a successful black professional woman with the fact that she had not exactly been community spirited, to put it mildly. Thoughts of Lord Taylor come to mind, a black barrister and part-time Deputy District Judge and later a peer, who became involved inContinue reading “Fallen Judge Constance Briscoe – What are we to learn?”

Max Clifford: Sex Abuser and Scapegoat?

Yesterday, after deliberating for over 37 hours, Max Clifford was convicted under Operation Yewtree of eight counts of indecent assault. Given the acquittals of William Roache, David Patrick Griffin ‘Dave Lee Travis’ (so far), and MP Nigel Evans, my first reaction was not only one of a surprise but I am sorry to say, oneContinue reading “Max Clifford: Sex Abuser and Scapegoat?”