Copywriting Services

I write copy for B2B, entrepreneurs, education, law, breast cancer care, and many race issues. I write content for marketing campaigns, websites and other digital content. I proofread and edit doctorate-level dissertations, write press releases, speeches, newsletters, blog posts, ebooks, board reports, articles whether academic or journalistic for newspapers, magazines and journals.

Working in partnership

Contact me with your ideas and the work you would like me to do.


Questions and answers. I will ask you some questions for clarity. It helps to know the overall marketing campaign in order to write the best copy for your company. Some times I am asked to research and write a proposal as distinct from writing the copy itself. Please note, this is a separate and distinct job.


Project Agreed. Once we’re agreed I will set out terms of the work in a copy briefing document to all parties concerned. Once that’s returned to me, I will tell you how much time I need to complete the project with an inclusive quotation. On receipt of that copy brief, I will respond as quickly as possible and always within 48 hours (Monday-Friday).


Writing. Editing is unlimited until you’re happy to sign the project off. Post-sign-off if you’ve had a rethink and want a minor aspect of the project re-worked, you have a period of 7 days in which you are welcome to request changes.


Terms of payment I require full payment in advance and before writing the first draft. My experience is this expedites the completion of the project and this is the cost of my time. My quotes are inclusive of the research and writing process. This includes all meetings (face to face or on the phone/via Zoom).

Let’s get started
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