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Does your LinkedIn profile reflect YOU?

A growing number of entrepreneurs and others are looking to enhance their presence on social media. If you are building your business brand or presence, LinkedIn should be your priority as the number 1. business platform where 700 million members network. It is also the perfect platform for building your reputation as an influencer in your industry.

Make sure you are seen in the way you want others to see you.

Audit. If you already have an account, I will provide a full audit of your LinkedIn profile covering 15 areas in preparation for our conversation. I also assess your overall online presence for consistency of message or goal. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, it’s time you did.

Questions and answers. I will listen closely to ensure I have a good sense of who you are and what you want to achieve. During our conversation, I will be taking notes before explaining my range of services as a package or as itemised in the following way:

  1. Writing your profile / SEO Optimisation
  2. Introducing a unique identity concept in your profile
  3. Creating 3 new banner designs
  4. Fully updating your LinkedIn CV
  5. Creating a LinkedIn Business Page
  6. Upload and layout the text for a good presentation
  7. Creating 3 new banner designs for your business page
  8. Creating an agreed list of recommended CEO / Director / Business owner connections
  9. Writing a new CV / Resume

Agreement. Once you have decided to go ahead, I will write a copy brief of my offer to await your response. On receipt, I will advise as to how long it will take me and a quotation for my fee.

Writing. I will supply the first written draft of your profile within 7-days. Editing is unlimited until you are happy to sign off the project. Post-sign-off, if you’ve had a rethink and want a minor aspect of your project re-worked, you have 7 days in which you are welcome to request changes.

Once the written work is settled, we can build the remainder including the creation of your banners aligned with your message, identity and overall brand for both your personal and business accounts.

Terms of payment I require full payment in advance and before writing the first draft. My experience is this expedites the completion of the project. My quotes are inclusive of the research and writing process. This includes all meetings (face to face or on the phone/via Zoom).

Let’s get started!

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