New to blogging – finding the right place to blog

Well, this is my first blog so it’s fitting that I start with writing about how difficult it has been to decide who to start blogging with. Go Daddy looked like their package offered a good host and blog deal. They’re linked to wordpress but frankly, if you choose the smallest blog offer, the presentations are awful and look terribly amateur, speaking as an amateur myself of course but obviously it wasn’t my fault? The point is if you don’t have the skills or the time to learn, don’t go for the cheapest as I did. The good news is that they allowed me to cancel immediately without any problems whatsoever. In the end it seemed to be wordpress v. blogger in terms of quality and specific need. I must say, I was very impressed with the presentation of my blog given it’s free and very fast to create. As a late member to blogging no doubt I’m preaching to the converted so I’ll leave it at that and will look to write things I have more knowledge about in future.

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My interests are in copywriting social issues, race, education and law.

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