Paedophiles in Power Relations

Leon Brittan
It occurs to me I have been watching the news waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to have the courage to state publicly and formally, that a particular missing file on paedophile politicians is, in fact, the file of Home Secretary, Leon Brittan. I have been waiting because I myself cannot say this for three reasons. One, I was not an officer involved in the specific case ever. Two, it is pure hearsay on my part and three, the vagaries of memory mean I could have made the whole thing up for some obscure reason not least because I am an active member of the Labour Party. Thus, I understand that I am bordering upon something libellous to remotely suggest not only that Leon Brittan may have been a paedophile but that he was a practising paedophile during his term as Home Secretary. So, read my words critically and with caution. Throw loads of ‘alleged’ into your minds and read on though you have been warned.
Like the rest of the nation, I was shocked by the revelations of Jimmy Savile, particularly by the way our structural powers seemed to have colluded to make the abuse so possible – powers that we trusted. I am thinking of the BBC, those that ran the 20 odd Children’s Homes, the 41 hospitals, and those high officials that have still escaped enquiry or prosecution. My conclusion over the Savile affair conducted through Operation Yewtree and given the sheer number of victims (over 1,000), was that the real paedophile ring was not revealed and still remain lingering in the shadows as rabid dogs, scouting the dark crevices of our society whilst frothing at the gills with desperate need to ruin yet another child as soon as the opportunity arises. We know that young black and other working-class males, are deliberately targeted for criminalisation but so too are others sacrificed to protect a rather nasty group of people who assume an unbelievable sense of entitlement.
I think we all know this though we constantly suspend our belief because of that sense of helplessness felt in not knowing what to do about it. That sense of frustration and resignation that I also frequently battle with is what those less-visible elite rely upon. By definition, power will never be relinquished to the less powerful so what is there to do? Actually, what there is to do is to recognise that it is ‘we’ that is the most powerful lying dormant!!!
I might add as an ex-policer that I do not think this includes the police services who really are their servants (and minimally ours). In fact, our current Metropolitan Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe comes across as a reasonable man and I doubt he carries a great desire to protect perverted politicians. However, he would be naive if he thought he was really there to do his job beyond politics and I do fancy he has been naive or a little deluded. He will never be able to tell the public that he feels used if he does. Resignation? Whatever you think of him, keep looking for the strings that pull him.  In any event, he was not able to expose the cartel of paedophiles behind Jimmy Savile so I doubt he will be able to unearth paedophile politicians either – no doubt they are probably the same group for how many ‘famous’ paedophile cartels can a country hold?
Leon Cyril and Maggie
Actually, I would wager, the Commissioner (as well as current Home Secretary, Theresa May), already know who these paedophile politicians are and his real job will be to gather enough evidence as well as to hold it long enough against those that will try to rid of it as quickly as it is discovered.  Not an easy thing to do when you might in effect, be working against your bosses. Possibly a sacrificial lamb might be offered if such talk cannot be ‘slaughtered’ or turned into an election-winning opportunity.  However, whether that could ever be a Home Secretary is highly unlikely. That would be to threaten the structures of power itself so going much too far, frankly. A few dozen of sexually abused children should not justify the undermining of the most precious democratic system in the world? At least, that is the real issue here as I suggest and hence, the Home Secretary position is more likely to protect any practising paedophile from being exposed whether honest politicians like the actual man/woman or not. In the end, the dilemma is to defend the structural powers even when you hate some of the practices that exist within.
Thatcher Savile Tebbit
I would speculate that is why Norman Tebbit has taken an unusually middle of the road response. He says, “there may well have been” paedophiles.  He was around at the time and being so close to Tebbit and SavileMargaret Thatcher, it is hard to imagine he did not know. Besides, in The Daily Telegraph on 2nd November 1998, Mr Tebbit said homosexuals should be barred from being Home Secretary (and from all governmental high office). It is only last year that he changed his mind? Reading between the lines, he did not like those paedophiles but cannot bring himself to tell tales against his own people. Yet, I would say to Mr Tebbit that if you do not put children before your pervert colleagues, that is not cricket either and is surely not the British loyalty you were so consumed with when you were yesterday’s UKIP man, was it?  Besides, Mr Tebbit could never be regarded as one of ‘their own’ beyond being their own personal Rottweiler. He does not have the right background, you see. Be brave Mr Tebbit and improve your legacy whilst you still have time. You were quick to attack immigrants when it suited you and did not hesitate to destroy white working-class mining families, in fact, whole communities beyond recovery in the 1980s, so now are as bold whilst you look at the conduct of your old colleagues. The question for right-wing politicians is this. Do you really believe domestic self-gratifying paedophiles are more valuable than hard-working immigrants? I suspect, the answer would be yes, in which case, these structural institutional powers that we rely upon so heavily has more filth in its cogs than any immigrant could possibly possess.Brittan and May
I might add, I do not think this situation would be any different had Leon Brittan and Theresa May been of the Labour Party (heaven forbid). This problem is essentially mixed up in masculine elitism so I doubt that those who have since succeeded Leon Brittan did anything beyond performing the not knowing of that open secret.
That is why I am writing about something so important in my own blog instead of going along to co-operate in a police investigation. Of course, I would co-operate with any police enquiry but I believe that investigation will be more performance than substance and that that it is precisely the purpose of such an investigation. An investigation implies something is not known, the evidence is needed and the truth discovered. I just do not think so. This particular investigation is to convince us the public that everything has been done to get to the bottom of the truth in order to persuade us that it is now time to move one – especially before the election. We are being treated with polite considered contempt.
Actually, I think in part that we deserve to be treated this way because we do not stand up to them enough. They get away with it because we let them and worse, we pretend we do not know that we are giving up because we cannot be bothered or because we really want to survive our jobs and meeting the demands of our bills etc. I know we are all working hard and it is really difficult but still. Apparently, our general approach has not been very effective.
I wish we could get really angry, would demand more, would scream for justice, and would stop the slightest possibility of another child being sexually abused especially by those we are supposed to trust plus anybody else. I do not want to assist another paedophile cover-up such as what has happened in Operation Yewtree.
So back to my little story, I was a detective constable at New Scotland Yard on the Central Drug Squad when I was first told by a colleague, that Home Secretary Leon Brittan had been caught as a paedophile. He was not arrested though that was not necessarily unusual. Whenever we bumped into a ‘delicate matter’ during our searches, for example, a discreet phone call would often be made. Still, I don’t think I really believed it until a couple of years later when I was standing in uniform at Salisbury Cathedral with my colleagues attending the funeral of Yvonne Fletcher. As you can imagine, this was a difficult time. It was almost incomprehensible for all of us that we were standing there burying a colleague and friend and even now referring to it all these years later is not easy. I know it is a cliché but she was the most inoffensive person you could have known.
Leon Brittan attended the funeral as Home Secretary but officers next to me were furious to have him represent Yvonne and indeed, the police uniform. We were all feeling so hurt and it was inside those moments that he revealed to me how he had been involved with Brittan being caught twice for paedophilia. The second occasion had made the government angry with Brittan and thus, he was duly punished although not quite in the way you might have imagined. He explained that Brittan’s punishment was to be sent to Europe because in those days to be sent to Europe was the equivalent to being vanquished from the palace of Government. Being regarded as European was so low, so below that of being British, that a posting to Europe was deemed a suitable way in which to demean a British or I should say, Conservative politician. Actually, being a European Commissioner probably holds more value now for at least it has more profile – even if it is largely negative in the UK. Plus, Leon Brittan went on to do very well there.
However, that kind of attitude reminds me of something an Oxbridge friend told me just recently. Did you know that Oxbridge students and staff refer to new universities as ‘Community Centres’? Yes I am pro-European and I did gain my degrees from ‘Community Centres’ but it is that level of arrogance that is so breathtakingly wrong when it comes to leaving such people in charge of this country. It smacks of their utter fear of the working classes becoming more and more educated to threaten their privileged positions. It is not so far a distance away from feeling sexual gratification is just an extension of their rights regardless of consent. They really need to learn that this country is not just to be treated as if it were their own back-yard with ‘friends’ coming around to play with the bullies, for fear of exclusion. Is it conceivable that our country is being run by school playground politics?
Missing File Leon Brittan
So, Mr Leon Brittan allegedly became a European Commissioner because he was ALLEGEDLY a Home Secretary paedophile who would not stop his depraved conduct even whilst in his post. An indulgence he felt a right to. Now, even some Tories (through moral indignation or thoughts of his carelessness), would agree with me when I say you do not get more arrogant, twisted and self-centred than that. He put them all at risk and continues to do so ALLEGEDLY, obviously. In any event, that is when I realised my colleague was telling me something important. My colleague had been involved in the case from Clubs Office; West end Central (CD). W.1. I am certain, he would not have told me had it not been for the emotional struggles of that day, but he did.
So, we are all largely enrolled in protecting the system for the other but when you think of these things we have to ask, protecting this already paedophile infected system for whom? How many other ‘important’ paedophiles are there right next to him? You can just imagine Brittan whispering to his ALLEGED fellow paedophiles, ‘if I go down, you go down to’. Well, I say why don’t we try and hold him to his word?
I am asking you, how many children will we let them sexually abuse in the future? Home Secretary Theresa May is misguided to protect the alleged paedophile Leon Brittan in the false belief that the power relations between us and the State is an honourable price to pay. How can it be when they have become so entwined so as to compromise this country not to mention justice? Instead, it is a guarantee that she can never be an effective leader of her party because unless she speaks up now, she will be vulnerable to all paedophiles in her party running rings around her thereafter. Not that I care about her leadership so much as the additional freedom she risks handing over to her future paedophile colleagues. As the current Home Secretary, this is her opportunity to push herself and this country to a more mature level. Has she got the capacity for greatness or will she play small again ducking and diving to contribute to an ever-dwindling perception of government anyway? 
Children in children’s homes are already facing life struggles. To say they are vulnerable does not begin to explain just how difficult their life journeys are going be for most of them. Please do not let them be available again to those in power. Regardless of class privileges, political party loyalties, professions, or individual fears that we all live with, demand more. Begin to end the grasp that the elites seem to have over us and let’s be less afraid to call them to account.
By the way, that missing file is more than probably being held by someone as collateral. It is worth an unlimited amount of hard cash and control. It will only be missing from public view because the public view is what there is to play for here. That is us. It really is in our hands to demand a higher standard of ourselves and of our leaders. If you can only think of those who cannot speak up for themselves – consider babies we hold in our arms and how overwhelmed we feel with emotion. Consider how tiny and fragile they are and how much trust they have to place in us. Consider also at that same time that in their young futures they are going to be raped by someone definitely adult and maybe from someone in high office. Maybe, someone, we are going to be voting for. Does that work for you?

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