Consider the hat-trick copywriter has an extra set of tricks under her hat to help you think ‘differently’

Every brand has a story and every story has a truth which I shall write engagingly to enhance for you


So that you don’t have to, I write in areas of business, education, breast cancer health, and many things from a racial perspective. For example, black businesses to black businesses (BB2BB) have their own marketable value. As a doctor in education, I also proofread and edit academic dissertations. Maybe you are looking to make a career change or to give yourself a fresh new business look. In which case, I can assist in writing your LinkedIn profile. Just click on the button above to find out more about my services and click my name here to see my own profile Marlene Ellis.


My research skills ensure that your copy is grounded in a solid analysis of your industry, as well as your business. Good research keeps you a step ahead and well-positioned going forward. This pandemic has changed so much that almost everything needs to be re-evaluated in the face of it. Research always reveals opportunities while reducing precious time and money. Support your instincts and intuition with solid strategic thinking grounded in research you can rely upon.

Business Blogging

Your blogs are written in harmony with SEO keywords and the distinct voice of your brand. This is the starting point for increasing your online visibility and thus, your business presence. Blogging can drive traffic to your website. This is important for improving your conversion rate from traffic into leads – ultimately, your customers. Or you might want to focus on establishing yourself as an authority in your field. Blogging can also be useful for testing out new campaigns.

Content Marketing

Email marketing combines data, creativity and curiosity to build an imaginative digital campaign. The art lies in mingling a blend of writing for would-be customers to enjoy the authenticity of your message across various social media platforms. The hat-trick copywriter of London says, ‘convey your message, channel your communication, and climb in the progress of your business’

‘Whether you’re full of ideas, or cannot see the wood for the trees,

I will write to let the light in for the growth of your business’

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