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The Hat-Trick Copywriter
The Hat-Trick Copywriter
Season 2, Episode 11 - Can Academics Write Copy?

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Join the conversation on all current issues, including what copywriting is – not to be confused with ‘copyright’ when you protect your ideas. Copyright with an ‘R’ belongs in the legal world, while ‘copywriting’ is a marketing skill that offers endless solutions for you and your business. Let’s talk about it. 

Meet the Host

Marlene Ellis

My podcast interjects with the business of copywriting and the world we live in. Frankly, I see them as the same. The world of business has to respond to the social environment of our times, and if we’re keeping a close eye on things, your business will have the edge. Research is written in the past to try and read the future, while ongoing life events tell you where you might have to be in the moment. Frankly, nothing can be ignored.

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