About Marlene's Hat-Trick Copywriting

I came to copywriting through my love of writing and retrained as a strategic marketing copywriter. 

As a funnel copywriter, I can wear Dr Marlene Ellis’s many hats. 

My interest is to align myself with socially conscious online businesses that see a commitment to business growth with the health of communities.

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"A writer is someone who eats words like pie, then lays them out with the care of fine wine"

– Dr Marlene Ellis

These Are My Skills

My Skills 

My gift is to research so thoroughly that my writing virtually writes itself.

In representing you, I sink into your business shoes to get a real sense of your path.

My work is to blend your experiences, your customer’s desires and the broader needs of your market environment.

That’s why I only start drafting when those three critical voices are razor-sharp in my mind. My skills are to be accurate and authentic, to stimulate the senses with depth, humour and always some originality.

Joining the Online Dots to Your Sales
Email Campaigns / Funnel Writing
Product Analysis / Research / Strategy
Creative Content Writing

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors.

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