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To build your online business presence, you want to ensure all necessary elements join and speak to each other. That includes a good email campaign that can take you to another level. 

  • The global e-mail marketing market was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027.
  • For every £1 spent, email marketing generates £35 in ROI
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About The Hat-Trick Copywriter

I’m a copywriter-researcher trained in writing funnels for your online business. I pride myself on getting to know all the details you need me to know about your product/service and market.

I write creatively about the areas I care and know about, including (but not exclusive to) education, vegan food,  training, coaching & mentoring, sports (soccer & basketball) and politics & law.

As a thriver, I also work with all things black women (and men) impacted by breast cancer. Race, to me, is a specialised subject and perspective.

I’m a committed, health, environment and socially conscious, animal-loving vegan.

Beyond all else, I love adding value beyond your expectations.

Copy that writes to be heard


Social Media Profiles

My Fedora LinkedIn package provides an all-inclusive service to give a professional profile that authentically reflects who you are and what you do.

Funnel / Email Campaigns

Build your customer base; talk to them about who you are, what you do and what you're offering.
Communicating that through written text is where I can help you.


Script Writing

Scripts are useful for all types of situations including for theatre, film, webinars, sales letters, newsletters, and preparing meetings, vloggers and professional videos - formal and personal.


You’ve got a great idea, but let’s make it more robust. Strategic research and a deeper look at the competition will help plan a clear route to market. Then there’ll be something to write about that works and reads well.

Blog Articles

Blog articles help establish your voice and your expertise. As an influencer, your perspective plays a vital role in building trust and that's fundamental to your business.

Product Caption

A good product caption is a title that draws you in on one or two levels. They engage your audience, have them smile, be shocked or think. Let's call it short copy that piques curiosity.

Product Review

Taking product reviews seriously is essential for promoting your business. There's a structure to ensuring product reviews are front and face of what you do.

Email Writing

I'm trained as a funnel copywriter, which means I write email campaigns that properly and professionally represent how you want to communicate with your customers.

Add Conversion Rates

The conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors. This helps you to get more of the right kind of visitors/customers that are looking for your product or services.

Reduce Bounce Rate

The bounce rate tells you how many potential customers came to your site. Unfortunately, they looked around but left without making a purchase. That's why you need to respond positively to improve your optimisation.

Drive More Traffic

Let's make your website more than just a window. The more traffic you drive to your website, the higher the likelihood of sales. Driving traffic combines thoughtful writing with strategic online marketing.

Client Testimonials

I hope these testimonials speak for themselves but don’t hesitate to contact me if they don’t.

As a client, I am happy to recommend her (Dr Marlene Ellis) work. Dennis M. John

Dennis M. John Client

Marlene has researched the effectiveness of Newsletters to online brands and has forensically crafted newsletters to lead towards growth for my brand.

Bebe Kiffin Client

(Dr Ellis)... Honest, empathetic, knowledgeable and experienced in navigating different organisational contexts where inclusion, diversity and equality is concerned.

Marcia Ore Client

She is a thoughtful, dedicated worker who always committed wholeheartedly to do her best...

Jon Clarke Colleague

I found working with Dr. Ellis a very valuable part of the development and growth of my business.

Bayo Igoh Client

I would recommend her to any other brilliant person who needs the right kind of motivation and advice to owning your awesome! Thank you Marlene!

Tiwonge Cohn Client
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Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors

"The Hat-Trick Copywriter takes words off the tip of your tongue and writes with them."

– Marlene Ellis, Founder of The Hat-Trick Copywriter




Become an influencer by regularly blogging on your subject of expertise. But when time is of the essence, I’m here to help you.


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Join my podcast to discuss copywriting, online businesses, and all sorts of topics that intersect. 


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As a strategic marketing copywriter, knowing where the wind blows is vital. Your positioning will depend upon it.

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