Vegan Guinness Punch



Guinness Punch is a staple drink of Jamaica and is appreciated in most corners of the globe. But for a slight connection between the creamy, alcoholic sensation felt when Bailey’s Irish cream slides decadently down one’s throat, I cannot think of an equivalent. Attempts at vegan Irish creams have failed so far (all of them). READ MORE. 



Black US/UK Differences


No matter what happens in the UK, the British invariably look across the pond with mutterings of certainty that our racial problems are not as extreme. We don’t witness as many vicious racist attacks, so we gain some comfort by saying America is just crazy. Indeed she might be, but cognitive dissonance also kicks in to conveniently ignore our so-called ‘special relationship’ when these racist distinctions are made. Worse, the UK has a subtlety to her structural racism that disguises the brutalities that black populations are subjected to. READ MORE



Excerpt (Drama)

Shamar searches for a key in his top drawer, opens a secret compartment and unlocks it. He slowly pulls out an object to reveal a 2-inch barrel. He strokes the cold, smooth metal before gently rubbing his finger along the trigger’s curve. He mumbles, 

SG –        Click, click, bang! Click, click, bang! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!

The phone rings and then goes on to voicemail. It’s from Chase, a young man Shamar mentors. He sounds worried.

CC –        Mr Gordon? It’s me, Chase.

Vaccinating The Gene


Control by pharmaceutical companies has become a trillion-dollar-a-year business that includes insurance companies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), hospitals and university research facilities. Bechamp would argue that the body is further unbalanced by the invasion of pharmaceutical poisons that distort microzymas and prevents them from doing their job. For Bechamp, pharmaceutical drugs cure only the symptoms of the disease by attacking germs, and as a consequence, while chemical drugs remove signs, they simultaneously weaken the immune system and ignore the primary source of disease. READ MORE

One of three coworkers making presentation of large sketch on blueprint

An Ethnically Diverse Britain


This Conference Report, ‘Making the most
of an Ethnically Diverse Britain: the role of
Further Education’ is a must-read for everyone invested in education and anti-racism.
The Report captures the Conference presentations and dialogue, the contributions
of influential speakers and delegates from a
range of backgrounds and summarises the
main themes. It is particularly pertinent in the
context of the recently published controversial report of the Commission for Race and
Racial Disparities. READ MORE

Black Breast Cancer

(The Website Content)

As a Black African Woman of Jamaican parentage, born and raised in Britain, I want this website to be a place of refuge wherever you are in the world. Let it be a place where you can get support and reassurance. You are but a click away from WITNESSINGWATCHING  or READING stories about the breast cancer experiences from someone who looks like you.   

At the same time, I shall be clear that I had support from beautiful white friendships I value deeply, especially Nicola Buckle and Maura Evans. Ultimately, love and support are to be received with grace regardless… READ MORE

Suya Seasoning Satisfies


Against the Western palate, the brain says a mix of nuts, heat, bullion and ginger should not work with beef in particular. But the brain is no match for our taste buds once that first bite is taken. You have to imagine tasting the flavours that penetrate each succulent, skewered, tenderised piece. I think it’s the sensation of heat and comfort combined that does it. It’s a special moment when those senses explode in your mouth and shake your imagination. No wonder SUYA also means ‘Stand Up Young African!’. A mouthful of such joy is energy in itself, and all you want to do is eat more! READ MORE