What People Say

"As a client, I am delighted to seriously recommend Dr Marlene Ellis. If you are looking for a highly professional and versatile copywriter with up to date understanding of social media and experience of conference reporting, then Marlene is your person. She has the rare ability to draw out the essence of character and ambition in order to create real, honest content for personal and business profiles. A patient, diligent, focused and results-oriented approach."
"I want to recommend warmly and highly Dr Marlene Ellis, the Hat-Trick Copywriter. I've used her service to improve my LinkedIn profile, especially my summary. She assisted me with rewriting and addressing my target audience, my needs and my goals. As a result, I have built my networking faster, exposed, engaged and had a much better lead generation. Additionally, she instructed me on how to write my website articles so that they more accurately referred to my niche."
"Marlene wrote a short-film script at very late notice but to great effect. The director thought it was realistic and helped to produce a good short film about post-traumatic stress disorder."
Kareem Marshall
Creative Business Developer
"Dr Marlene Ellis did an amazing job revamping my LinkedIn account. Her attention to detail & resilience ensured that the end result was exactly what was required. i would recommend her service wholeheartedly 🙏🏾"
"It definitely helped my business employing Marlene. Yeh, great job."
"I have been working with Dr. Marlene Ellis for the past month. During that time, she has worked on my LinkedIn profile, having quickly grasped the content that I have needed, she has used clever working to enhance my personality and USP on a much used platform. I found working with Dr. Ellis a very valuable part of the development and growth of my business. Our collaborations have been structured, timely and personalised to my needs. While our meetings and discussions have been well structured, they have been flexible enough to allow greater focus on weak areas. Dr. Ellis has made me aware of the process of quality writing which has helped me greatly in positioning myself on LinkedIn. We have already penned a programme of future collaborations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Ellis to my colleagues, friends and network"
"I started working with Marlene in late 2021. It has been a great experience. Marlene’s tenacity to copywriting is remarkable, her attention to detail and knowledge is considerable. My LinkedIn profile is growing from strength to strength due to her impeccable informed copywriting. Marlene has researched the effectiveness of Newsletters to online brands and has forensically crafted newsletters to lead towards growth for my brand. Her commitment to guiding black brands is commendable. I highly recommend Marlene, Copywriter and will continue to collaborate with her in the future."
"Marlene has helped me in more ways than she knows. With her warmth and sagacity, we have shared insights, reflections and most of all our humour and humanity. As a business woman she is brave beyond comparison and as a mentor I couldn't have asked for anyone better. I would recommend her to any other brilliant person who needs the right kind of motivation and advice to owning your awesome! Thank you Marlene!"
"Marlene Ellis is exceptional; ..., I have benefited from her creativity. Working on a number projects… Marlene possess an amazing creative problem-solving skill, combined with a tireless work ethic. Always willing to go over an above expectations to create digital projects that will translate ideas into reality. As a client I am happy to recommend her work. Dennis M. John"
"... I have a lot of respect for her work, and know that any training and consultancy she provides will be of very high quality. She is a thoughtful, dedicated worker who always committed wholeheartedly to do her best... "
I couldn’t be happier with the complete transformation of my LinkedIn profile courtesy of, Marlene. As a result of her amazing work my visability has increased considerably. Her use of words and phrases has given my profile the personal touch I desired. Thanks Marlene!
"Marlene is a very astute woman. An excellent communicator and truly knowledgeable and passionate about her work, in creating change and impact in her field of Law and Diversity. Marlene is a natural leader a fair person who operates with a spirit of integrity. I recommend Marlene without reservation or hesitation as I know that in whichever way she might represent or advocate for your cause you are assured a sterling level of service provision. Yvonne Witter"
Yvonne Witter
Business Owner
"Dr Ellis and I have developed an ongoing professional relationship which is multifaceted with the foundation of it being our mentoring relationship. Honest, empathetic, knowledgeable and experienced in navigating different organisational contexts where inclusion, diversity and equality is concerned. As my mentor, Marlene has facilitated the defining and developing of my strategy to build on my existing skills knowledge, experience, and enhance my online profile as a Diversity and Inclusion professional. She takes personal interest in developing and maintaining our relationship, is enthusiastic and positively encourages me to recognise my value and the contributions I have and continue to make in promoting inclusion, diversity and equity in the workplace and wider society. Dr Ellis actively listens, provides balanced encouraging and supportive feedback and never makes me feel inferior. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to elevate their online profile, e.g. LinkedIn or professional website and stretch themselves professionally."